Tag: Southern Coast


  • Roesone

    {Map will be here} *Provinces:* [[Abbatour]]: Southern Most province of Roesone it borders on the sea and contains Roesone's section of the [[Erebannien]] it also borders on [[Aerenwe]] and [[Ilien]]. [[Bellam]]: Borders on both [[Aerenwe]] and …

  • Aerenwe

    {Map will be here} *Provinces:* *Law:* *Temples:* *Guilds:* *Sources:* *Known Army:* *Regent:* *Lieutenants:* *Allies:* *Enemies:*

  • Cale Alwier

    Half elf Lieutenant of the Queen that serves as Aerenwe's court mage. There are questions as to what their relationship may or may not be. He pre-dates the Elf Queen into the country, but there is some speculation if they were sent to prepare the way …