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Abbatour: Southern Most province of Roesone it borders on the sea and contains Roesone’s section of the Erebannien it also borders on Aerenwe and Ilien.

Bellam: Borders on both Aerenwe and Ghoere

Caercas: This is the Capitol

Duerlin: This province borders on Ilien and Aerenwe

Edlin: This province borders on Aerenwe

Fairfield: This province borders on Ghoere

Ghoried: This province borders on the Spiderfells

The Roesone family holds the Law in Roesone, and to the best of anyone’s knowledge have no competition.

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn is the dominant temple in Roesone, though rumors have it that Ruornil’s Celestial Spell and the Eastern Temple of Nesirie are gaining some foothold amongst various peasants, but the source of this rumor has not been determined, nor its validity.

The Spider River Traders, Port of Call Exchange, and Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports

There is little solid information as to who actually controls the magic of Roesone, candidates are usually considered to be The Sword Mage of Ghoere, The High Mage Aelies of Aerenwe, and Rogr Aglondier of Ilien. Though with the demise of the latter, and the assumption of regency by his daughter, there is speculation as to what happened to the man’s sources, including any he might have in Roesone. Who else might have interests in Roesone’s magic is a matter for speculation as the Roesonian royal family has never kept a court mage. Though there is rumor that Sedrie Bellamie is serving in that capacity for Morhdaen Roesone

Known Army:
Currently the contents of the Roesone Army is less than well known. There is at least one unit of Knights some pikes, some archers, and some infantry. A unite of Cavelry died with {Father Roesone} and {Brother Roesone}. The {Brother} has at least four units of Mercinaries at his disposal to secure the capitol. Given Jacob Roesone’s popularity with the army he has served in and commanded for more than 10 years now, it is assumed the standing army will stand with him.

Jacob Roesone is the current Baron of Roesone, at least the Land has claimed him as such. His middle brother, {Look up the name} Roesone, currently holds the Capitol with several companies of mercenaries, though where he got the funds for such is anyone’s guess.

None currently known

Ilien and Medoere look to Roesone as an ally, and Roesone has supported them over all as a buffer between Roesone and Diemed. They also provide trade avenues, especially Ilien. Medoere is also an ally against the Spiderfells. They provide Roesone with a more or less secure flank which has become progressively more important with Ghoere’s increasing aggressiveness.

There have been rumors that Aerenwe has approached Roesone to turn the uneasy truce into something more secure. How that will go with the new Baron is anyone’s guess.

Diemed is Roesone’s most obvious enemy. The nation wishes to restore all the lands that once belonged to Diemed, which makes Ilien, Medoere, and Endier also prime targets (and why the first two are allies, whether the latter considers no one yet knows.)

Ghoere seems mostly focused on Mhoried, but units from Ghoere have ‘strayed’ into Roesone on a semiregular (and increasingly frequent) basis. Given that the former Baron was murdered in Bellam there is some speculation that Ghoere may have had something to do with it, or possible Aerenwe seeking to regain the lost province. After all, the Queen had Elf blood, perhaps she had decided that a limited Ghaelie Sidhe might be appropriate for the proper reward.


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