Abbatour was once part of Aerenwe (a fact available to most people who care to do a little research as is everything here) and contains Roesone’s portion of the Erebannien.

Local Lord
Royal Captain Tael Brosuine is a capitalistic gentleman as well as a seaman. He has a reputation of knowing everything there is to know about his province; he prides himself in this as a point of fact.

Abbadiel is the residence of the Royal Captain and a sea port of growing importance for transport up the Spider River. It also has a reputation as a place where, for the right price, inspections and official notice might be avoided. Something of a theme in this particular province.

Bardenhold is a small holding run by old Nae Barden his friends and retainers have carved out a small but prosperous fife in this sparsely populated province.

Talmoere’s Ferry is a small town centered around one of the few easy crossings of the Spider River. Crossings cost 5 copper farthings per person and a silver penny for a mount or per axle of a wagon. Crossings are possible elsewhere but very difficult without a boat. There are no known fords and most places are too swift to readily swim.

There are a few other small settlements almost exclusively along the river and the coast. Most amount to little more than fishing villages.

Important People
Other than the captain, old Nae Barden is the most significant personage in this sparse province, except when the High Mage Aelies decides that the presence of the Erebannien in this province gives him the right to interfere.

Important Terrain Features
The Spider River bounds the province in the west, forming the boundary with Ilien. It is a broad river. Swift enough to be difficult to swim, but not so swift as to give most boats trouble.

The Erebannien is one of the most ancient woods in all of Cerilia. By common consent it remains largely untouched. Some very cautious logging is done on the fringes, where at all, though, as noted below, someone may be pushing these limits to who knows what final results.

Other Notes and Rumors
The Road from Abbadiel to Talmoere’s Ferry is known as Talmoere’s Pike, which is a toll road costing 2 copper farthings per person or 5 for a horse or wagon.

Rumors have it some fool is trying to openly log the Erebannien in this province there is speculation as to the reactions of the High Mage Aelies as well as the new Baron of Roesone should the rumor prove to be true.

There is a light house visible from the sea on the southern most cape. Many sailors have seen it, but there is no safe landing near by, nor has anyone reported a way over land to this tower.


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